3 Great Places to Shop Cheap in Dubai

Dubai is a shopper's paradise.

Among its infinite variety of shopping centers, convenience stores and status of tax-free state, it is no wonder that millions of tourists troops in the country each year.

The Dubai Mall which is considered the world's largest shopping mall based on total area and the Mall of the Emirates, home to among other things, a ski slope are just some of the many commercial spaces spread over Dubai.

But as every traveler / shopper discern know, not exactly always offer the best company in the world.

Therefore, if you are planning to visit Dubai in the near future and looking for a place that offers good business, visit these places.

Deira Gold Souk :

If you are looking Balogun equivalent market in Dubai, this is the place to go. 

While the gold souk offers a rich variety of jewelry, it also offers items like handbags, clothing and even spices in the spice souk, which is adjacent to the gold market. 

Be sure to come prepared to negotiate right.

Bur Dubai Souk: 

As the gold market, the Bur Dubai offers an aray of things, and if our bargaining skills are up to par, could end up with loads of several elements arms.

Retail / convenience store chains: 

never underestimate these guys. Retailers such as Carrefour and day by day can offer interesting business with good groceries and even shoes and other fashion items. Also, seemingly insignificant corner store around the block can sometimes provide good interesting cases.

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