4 Tips for How to Book a Cheap Hotel Stay this Holiday Season

The holidays often involve family time.

But depending on where you go this winter, landing a good deal on a hotel room could help preserve not only your bank account, but mental health (Sorry, laws).

Even if you are not traveling to be with family, there are plenty of places you can travel this winter to take advantage of both time and great holiday rates.

Here we will (with the help of Travel Priceline analyst Brian Ek) gives us some simple tips on how to capitalize on this holiday season.

We try to be flexible

Easier said than done. Of course.

But there are real benefits to be flexible when booking a hotel stay this time of year, especially if you head to a popular holiday destination.

"If you have some flexibility, try different dates for your hotel stay," said Ek.

"For example, if you are on a shopping trip to New York, and the Black Friday weekend is reserved, turn to the weekend before or after the weekend.

You can not be the availability and prices can be better. "

Part of being flexible can include the freedom to book more than one night in some cases.

"Sometimes during holiday periods, hotels give preference to customers who book several nights at the property," said Ek.

Find extra time off or be able to move obligations could be the difference between a memorable trip

and stay at home.

Hug Mobile

If you own a smartphone or tablet, look at different backup applications such as Priceline, Hotels.com, and others.

This way, you will be alerted best deals.

"That's because customers know hotels with smart phones and tablets are much more likely to be statistically customers hotels last minute so that you have achieved in these platforms," ​​said Ek.
Not all offer must cooperate with your schedule, but all it takes is a single download app just click.
Do not be afraid to negotiate

"Try to name your own price," said Ek.

"Around the holidays, when business travel is down, many hotels allow their rooms to go to leisure travelers with discounts of up to 60 percent lower than the published rates. "

Even if you are not able to enjoy 60 percent savings, a simple phone call and a little coarse might lead to an experience of four or five star price you would normally pay for a hotel of environment range.

"The key here is, I believe that the high quality, low-budget," says Ek.

Look holiday packages

Finally, if you plan to fly to your holiday destination this year, booking hotel and flight together can be an easy way to save.

This could also be a possible solution if you are having difficulties finding available rooms for your destination.

"Sometimes, when it may not be available at the hotel alone, stocks have committed to be sold as part of a package that includes airfare," said Ek.

Destinations to consider


With approximately $ 89 per day average rates, according to Priceline, Las Vegas is an affordable getaway destination around Thanksgiving.

If you do not mind heat the leftovers when I get home, Sin City is the perfect place to relieve holiday stress with a budget.

However, travelers can also find great deals in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and outside of Washington, DC, with two areas of average daily rates of $ 78 and $ 82, respectively, around the Day Turkey.

Content to spend a little more on your hosting Thanksgiving should consider the theme park capital of the World, Orlando or Jersey City.

According to Priceline, average daily rates of the two destinations ranging from $ 102 to $ 155.

Although Jersey City New York is not technically, it is right next door and you can use the money you save to enjoy more attractions in New York.


It turns out that you can celebrate Christmas without snow.

This December is likely to find tons of great deals on hot climates travelers coastal destinations.

Average daily rates in Florida Tampa-St. Petersburg area this Christmas will be around $ 93, slightly above Daytona Beach, Florida, and Salt Lake City ($ 91 each).

Long Beach, California, is another underestimated December, average daily rates are just $ 108 destination.

If you have your passport handy, Costa Rica is an ideal international destination for Christmas, with average daily rate of $ 115, according to data from Priceline.

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