Best Ways to Find Cheap Flights for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Planning to travel for the holidays? Here’s how to get the best deals on flights.

Find Cheap Flights for Thanksgiving and Christmas
It's that time of year when my phone starts ringing and messages started pouring in email and Facebook. 

"How can I find a cheap flight Thanksgiving and / or Christmas?"

 The truth is that there are always new websites and emerging applications to help you get the best deal, but the policies do not change much from year to year.

As usual at this time of the year, airlines are hoping to have the complete plans for the holidays.

Fortunately, fuel prices dropped if there is still some business to do ... but you're short on time.

Here are my top 14 ways to find cheap flights for Thanksgiving and Christmas :

1. Be flexible
The key to finding cheap flights of Thanksgiving is to be flexible with your days.

If it is not flexible, then it will not reach an agreement.

It is not so difficult to understand that the most expensive time to fly is when everyone else is too.

For example, I bet you want to leave on Wednesday (November 25) before Thanksgiving and return on Sunday (29 November) or early morning on Monday (November 30) later.

I am fair?

You're not going to reach an agreement within days because the airlines have no incentive to offer them, so you should just stop trying.

And if not flexible in your dates, then stop reading this right now.

Offers will be available the last week, Sunday or Monday before (by destination), Thanksgiving Day (November 26), and return on Friday (November 27) or the following Tuesday (Jan. December).

Better yet, look on Wednesday (December 2nd), after several days of turkey.

To prove my point, I met a flexible search in Google Flights (below) for a round trip nonstop from New York to Miami for a four night stay.

You can see which are the cheapest days to travel.

Consider companies expect to be busier Sunday, November 30 and Monday, December 1 The best day will fly on Thanksgiving Day (November 27) days.

2. Stay away from low-cost airlines
When you perform a flight search, not just grab the cheapest rate you see, especially from a low-cost carriers (LCC), because it could end up costing a lot more than you think.

Allegiant, Spirit, Frontier, Norwegian, and are only a few who are known to offer ridiculously low prices, and then you hit for all of the seats allocated to checked baggage, and even hand luggage.

The worst is that airlines like Delta and American now existing (the latter has announced that as of 2016) does not want to lose what they will offer similar fare.

My point is make sure you read the fine print before buying rate - including long distance carriers.

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3. Consider the time of day
Everyone wants to go out after work and school, so when your flight search not enter a specific time.

In general, the most expensive times to fly are the peak hours of business (8:00 to 10:00 and 17: 00-19: 00).

Cheapest seats tend to leave early in the morning (05: 00 to 07: 00) or late at night (after 20:00).

Note: Leaving early in the morning, you have the best chance of not being delayed.

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