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Manchester is a large city with blood. After all, it is home to the birth of the industrial revolution and the cooperative movement, which was where the first atom was split and the first programmable computer and vegetarianism were invented.

In addition, this great city gave Mark E Smith (ask your dad), Eccles cakes, and Take That Vimto.

If you have studied, worked or simply partying in Manchester, this city will not soon forget.

Easily accessible and inexpensive, Manchester is ideal for a city break in the UK, offering longer alive, that is.

Because that would be stupid.

How to get to Manchester ?

Fortunately, Manchester is easily accessible from all over the UK and abroad.

The more options are slow trains budget "London Midland (test Trainline offers) or one of the coaches Super cheap (Bus FTW).

Once there, the center is fully passable or you can get a travel card all day or weekend subway stations.

The options are tram, train or bus and tram is useful if you plan to go to Salford Quays and verify the Imperial War Museum and the Lowry.

Where to Sleep in Manchester?

There are some great apartments in the center of Airbnb, including this rookie in the Northern District of buzz, giving 32 $ per person per night.

Museums to visit in Manchester :

There are many museums and galleries free as the Museum of Science and Industry Museum and football.

And you certainly can not go to Manchester without visiting the magnificent John Rylands Library, a Victorian Gothic building later in Deansgate which is the oldest public library in the UK and that Marx and Engels wrote the first draft of the Communist Manifesto - which is a bit Hardcore History there!

The Manchester Art Gallery has some great permanent and temporary exhibitions and Whitworth Gallery is worth a walk around Oxford Road.

It was recently transformed development of $ 23 million and is home to some brilliant contemporary exhibitions.

You can view the excellent Manchester Museum on the road and The Whitworth is the early miles of infamous curry if you fancy a spicy curry and cheap, then there is no better place and offers are ridic cheap.

Where to go in Manchester ?

You will Gaggin "for a drink after all that exploring and Manchester and has an incredible selection of bars to choose from.

This means that as long as you avoid the deer The Printworks, you should have a night to remember for all the right reasons.

Students should be directed to Fallowfield and some of the student bars in Oxford Road, while those who want to avoid the novice sense to stick to the Northern Quarter which is chocker with great bars like The Fitzgerald, a stylish speakeasy - access through a hidden entrance in Little Lever Street, a decorated staircase chandelier - where you can enjoy a delicious cocktail of only seven pounds in a luxurious setting.

Common Bar is one of the original NQ and a boss happy hour, DJs, changing decor and falafel first class. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

On the edge of Barrio Norte is The Frog and Bucket, one of the top comedy venues in the UK, where tickets and beer are so reasonable that you think are 'avin a laff.

Around the corner is the quintessential Manchester drinker, El Castillo, which has been around since 1776 and has a prominent place in the Manchester's musical heritage with John Peel Ian Curtis interview here in 1979 and Mark E Smith counted as one repetition.

Today it can be invoked for concerts and paint quality.

Hi is a bar with mint and wine shop where you can take a card, recharge and serve you in the selection of white, pink and red offered.

It may require a bit of self-control (lasts about wine, I know), but you can choose either a taste, small or large selection of glass beaker self, which vary in price, so you top can enjoy wine, depending on your budget.

Corbières is an underground drinking den that has stood the test of time for good reason.

Not only is it located in the delightfully named Half Moon Street (looks more like a return Ginnel though), once you have found the discreet entrance for pre-drinks greeted in a pleasant wine cellar where you can enjoy old juke -box and Oz Pinball Wizard. Just look windy stairs after a few.

Another underground drinking den is the Temple of Convenience.

A former bathhouse (yes), this little bar is usually full of a friendly crowd enjoying a few pints and well-stocked machine disks.

Sister Temple, Big Hands (the name of a song Violent Femmes) is lower on Oxford Road and is a great dive bar where bands often taken pints after a concert after playing in the Academy side.

Manchester is synonymous with music, so if you want to attend a concert, then this is your place with lots of biggish places like the Ritz, The Academy and Apollo.

 Most independent Manchester venues have their own personalities and impressive are versatile, so it's worth a visit even if you just want to grab a bite and a drink.

Gorilla is a good intimate concert with great gin selection and affordable menu.

The Institute for the Deaf just off Oxford Road is a beautifully decorated bar and concert location in a historic building.

It is in the heart of studentville, but people are very varied.

If you are an amazing experience after a concert then go to the Albert Hall, a listed Methodist chapel on Second Degree with a capacity of 2500, which was raised by Trof, nightlife lovers in Manchester, who are also behind Gorilla and the Institute for the Deaf.

Albert Schloss recently introduced, they call the Bavarian haus chef, bakery, palate and wunderbar coffin on the ground floor.

This beverage bohemian palace hosts club nights and get on the track Friday - who does not like a good name for an instruction set of words a nightclub.

Where to eat
When your stomach growls, meets Manchester with many budget options to catch some good SCRAN adequate.

If you want a full tum and a full change of portfolio, then check Panchos Burrito in the Arndale food market. There is a 15% discount for students and cracking a collection of Mexican craft beers on offer.

The Nexus Art Cafe is a community space that is great to use to pop for lunch if you appreciate the wealth of independent shops in the North district.

Pop junk shop next to a good selection of vintage fun products and Piccadilly Records and Vinyl Exchange are institutions nearby.

Oklahoma is a haven crazy for everything kitsch art and includes DVD rentals and testing and a pleasure cafe with a good selection of pastries, including vegetarian options.

The vast majority full and bright, it is almost impossible not to make a small purchase here blatant.

Also, check the RSPCA charity shop shop in Oak Street for shopping blameless.

In the North district is also Slice, where you can grab a slice of pizza for only a couple of pounds.

And if you end up reeling from the north, late at night, looking to avoid a hangover, it is interesting to note that on weekends, Slice remains open to carry only 10 p.m. to 1:00.

This way you can ensure that you are not mad suspended iron and again the next day.

Manchester is roasted like no other city. Electrik, The Parlour and the horse and rider are a tram or bus in suburban freshness Chorlton - a digestive walk in the Chorlton Nature Reserve is a must - or if you feel like being in the middle, then check Sam Chop House.

For just  $ (.50 extra you can avoid taking decisions with a hangover and choose sliced ​​roast beef, roast lamb and roast pork belly slowly stacked in the middle with a little sauce apples and salted pork sizzling stick.

There is also a tasty option for Wellington vegetables. OM OM!

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